Give Your Decorating Scheme A Boost With Animal Print Decorating Ideas

Your home is meant to exude your personality; show some of your personality by using animal print decorating ideas in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.  These ideas may be big ideas, like new furniture, or they might be small accent ideas, like towels or rugs.  Whichever you choose, you will be thrilled with the overall effects on your décor when you add just a few decorative animal print pieces.  With a range of options, like tiger stripes, giraffe, spots, or even cowhide designs, you can mix and match to create a look all your own.

When it is time to replace your old, tired furniture, consider pieces that sport animal prints.  These could be all-over designs or neutral furniture with animal print accents.  These prints can be in the natural, neutral browns, golds, and blacks that you find on these animals in real life, or they may be a little more exciting that this, with prints in bright reds, teals, and purples.  Use animal prints on all of your furniture, or use it only on an accent chair or sofa.

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Your floors and walls need not feel left out.  Use animal print wallpaper, carpet tiles, and rugs.  Wallpaper an entire room or just one or two accent walls.  Cheetah or leopard designs can be very attractive.  If you would prefer to add your animal print designs to your floor, an area rug or smaller rug is an easy thing to place, and to clean.  However, you will find that high quality carpet tiles are easy to install, and the scenes are made to not show, giving the overall effect of a laid roll of carpet.  These tiles come in a range of options; choose the one that best suits  your tastes. 

The best retailers through which to find these products are those that specialize in  home interior needs or floor coverings.  In other words, in order to find high quality products, you want to purchase from a trusted name because purchases like furniture and carpet are not cheap.  You want to know that you are investing in quality merchandise.

If you want to add an animal print motif, but do not want to make such a big commitment or investment, as new furniture, floor coverings, or wallpaper, consider smaller accents.  Animal print tableware, for instance, is generally only seen at mealtime, and there are a number of beautiful sets available.  Simply shop through retailers who are reputed to carry high quality dishes and china.  Perhaps you would prefer to add table linens in addition to or instead of using the dishes.

Your bedroom and bathroom can benefit from the addition of an animal print bedding set, with matching bedspread, linens, and pillow shams, or form the addition of a single blanket or bedspread.  Use matching or contrasting shower curtain and towels to create an overall mood.  Of course, once your are done, you can go back and add the matching rugs to both the bedroom and the bath.

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Posted 1120 days ago
Find inspiration in the designs created by nature. Use exotic or domestic animal print ideas to boost your overall decorating schemes and give your home the fresh look you desire.
Posted 1126 days ago
Add a wild exotic flair to your home with the use of animal print ideas for your home. Natural designs are offered by the coats and colors of animals in the wild. Make the best of these designs by putting them in place in your home.
Posted 1134 days ago
Redecorate any room in your house, or simply give your décor a boost with animal print ideas. Choose designs inspired by the wild, in the form of tiger stripes, cheetah spots, or even cowhide designs.
Posted 1231 days ago
Adding animal print accents to your home will give it the modern, exotic touch you may be wanting. It can be a little or a lot; make the difference that best suits your decorating needs.
Posted 1233 days ago
You can give your overall decorating scheme a lift with the addition of some exotic animal print decorating ideas. Whether you choose to purchase an entire new set of furniture or you just choose to accent your furnishings with throw pillows or a rug, you will find that the added touch gives your home the lift it needs.
Posted 1233 days ago
Using animal print decorating ideas, you can create a brand new look in your home. Whether you are replacing your furniture, carpet and wall coverings, or simply adding some throw pillows and blankets, you will be pleased with the contemporary effects of your decorating.
Posted 1246 days ago
Whether you are updating your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room, you will find that the use of animal prints can be helpful in bringing your décor up to date.

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